Image by John Vingoe
Situated in West Hythe, our brewery is overlooked by the 12th Century Lympne Castle...along with the Rhinos at Port Lympne Nature Park. 

Our head brewer, Daryl, learnt the brewing trade in the Blue Mountains of Australia, bringing back a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm after an eventful year of travelling down under.

Honing the techniques and recipes which have in turn been scaled and improved over the last 10 years to where we are today, producing some of the most talked about beers in Kent.


Producing some rather successful test batches in the garage, with overwhelmingly positive reviews from unbiased (maybe a little biased) friends and family, the dream of creating our very our brewery seemed the obvious next step.

As with any great idea, plans were made over a few beers and we dived head first into the world of brewing, setting up shop in our little unit in West Hythe, Kent...

Things started small, a tiny 100 litre system produced our initial batches, barely enough to fill 2 casks a time! We outgrew this almost overnight, setting about building a bigger, more refined system a few months down the line.



We now brew on a bespoke, 900 litre system, capable of brewing twice a day - backed up with a bank of four 2000 litre fermenting tanks and two bright tanks. 


Doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and keep things green!


Spent hops are used by local gardeners to fertilise their plants...some are even growing local hop plants which we in turn use to make special seasonal beers!

Our used grains, wheats and barleys all get scooped up and delivered to a local pig farmer, who's hungry pigs make short work of everything we can throw their way!


Solar panels on the roof generate 100% renewable energy helping us keep some of our smaller pieces of equipment running, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Looking to serve our beers in your fine establishment?

We offer our ales in 9G Firkins and the odd 20 litre 'Pin'. Alongside the ales we also have a stellar (ahem...) kegged range of craft lagers.